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Clay Fee Increase

Due to the rapidly increasing wholesale price of targets we are forced to raise the price for a round of Skeet or Trap to $3.50. This is effective July 1st. This price reflects our current replacement cost and is needed so the club will be able to replace our inventory of targets.

Concealed Carry Classes

It has been brought to the attention of the Board of Directors that some members are using the ranges at the Club to conduct the shooting portion of the Concealed Carry Classes. THIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Our insurance is based on the revenues to the club. Other activities such as members profiting from using the ranges is a violation of our insurance policy as the revenues are not going to the Club. We are prohibited by our insurance policy from renting the club out for private enterprise activities. Any member caught using the range for their own personal profit will have their membership terminated. In the near future we will again start offering CCW classes at the Poplar Bluff Gun Club with the proceeds going to the Club.

Results of work weekends

We had 13 club members and a group of volunteers from Sears Youth Center come out and work on cleaning up the club. We were able to rebuild all the back berms on the rifle/pistol ranges. We were also able to repair the erosion on the right side of the 100 yd range. We replaced all the upright posts and crossmembers along with new black board on all the ranges. We built a new Shotgun patterning area in the pine trees across from the pavilion. We burnt off the underbrush on the property and built a trail around the range to access the trash pit. We also placed 5 pallets of bermuda and zoysia sod on the disturbed areas along with seeding them. We are trying to keep the areas watered currently so we can get a good stand of grass. Hopefully this will help eliminate some of the mud problems we have had in the past. The club is looking a lot better than it has in years, let’s all work to keep it up.

Thanks again to all who helped.
Mike, Tim, Jim, Justin, Greg, Glendol & Roger

Rules for new Shotgun Patterning Area

We have built a Shotgun Patterning area directly across from the pavilion. The left side has a metal plate which will be coated with grease for patterning Trap, Skeet & Bird guns at 21 yards. Shot size is limited to 7 1/2 shot maximum. The right side has pads located at 5 yard intervals out to 50 yards for patterning Turkey and Waterfowl loads. Do not shoot the metal plate with any load larger than 7 1/2!

Members Please Note

Several Members have reported that they have found non-members shooting on the range without being invited. It appears they are coming in when the gate is open and using our facility. We have posted signs on the gate to remind all members to please close the gate behind you when you arrive and when you leave. This, while inconvenient, will help prevent unauthorized use of our facilities. We have also posted signs on the rifle/pistol ranges reminding members that shotshells and exploding targets are prohibited on the ranges. This includes shotshells fired out of handguns such as the Taurus Judge.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Mike, Tim, Jim & Justin.

Vandalism at range

On February 27th someone presumably a member or members did an excessive amount of damage to the ranges. It appear they were using exploding targets to destroy the blackboard on the ranges. Help is needed to stop this type of misbehavior. Please report any sightings of members violating range rules to any club officer or board member. Please click on attached links to view damage. This type of behavior cost all of us money.