Results of work weekends

We had 13 club members and a group of volunteers from Sears Youth Center come out and work on cleaning up the club. We were able to rebuild all the back berms on the rifle/pistol ranges. We were also able to repair the erosion on the right side of the 100 yd range. We replaced all the upright posts and crossmembers along with new black board on all the ranges. We built a new Shotgun patterning area in the pine trees across from the pavilion. We burnt off the underbrush on the property and built a trail around the range to access the trash pit. We also placed 5 pallets of bermuda and zoysia sod on the disturbed areas along with seeding them. We are trying to keep the areas watered currently so we can get a good stand of grass. Hopefully this will help eliminate some of the mud problems we have had in the past. The club is looking a lot better than it has in years, let’s all work to keep it up.

Thanks again to all who helped.
Mike, Tim, Jim, Justin, Greg, Glendol & Roger